Excerpts from amazon reviews of “Fat and Cholesterol are GOOD for You!”


Excerptsfrom amazon reviews of “Fat and Cholesterol are GOOD for You!”

Thetitle is so politically incorrect, it may turn some people off fromreading the book. This would be a mistake, because the message of the bookis well documented with solid evidence that our treatment ofhigh-cholesterol is creating a nation of sick people as we enrich thepockets of the drug companies.

Arare talent is to be able to describe subject matter that requires a deeptechnical knowledge while making it accessible and easy to understand forthe lay person. Dr Ravnskov is the expert’s own expert. He describes thecholesterol/heart disease hypothesis and explains it in very clear terms,so that ordinary people can understand what is involved.

Ravnskovwould look at the data in the medical papers and see whether those datamatched the Abstract and Conclusions, finding often a disconnect. He isone of the few who would search the references of a paper to see whetherthe purpose the paper cited was actually supported by the content of thepaper; often it was not.

Everystudy, to which Dr Ravnskov refers, in this meticulously referenced book,is broken down and explained in terms with which the lay reader will befamiliar.

Thestory of ’bad’ and ’good’ cholesterol is unravelled piece by piece and Ifound it hard to put the book down. It was like reading a good detectivenovel, with small clues being found throughout the plot.

Ifnothing else, reading this book will remind you of the joy of eating foodsthat contain fat. I am considerably happier now that I can eat fatcontaining foods again. Full fat cheeses, Meats, Jersey Cream milk, Eggsand Fried Bacon. Mmmmm…. lovely! 🙂

hatmakes this book special is that the author (Uffe Ravnskov,MD,PHD), doesn’tjust give his opinion, but explains in detail with many examples, whyeating fat and having high cholesterol is not only not bad for us, but isacually good for us!

Itsreally somewhat breathaking to consider the ease with which the advocatesof the saturated fat,cholesterol, heart disease progression have been ableto dodge and dismiss the body of findings that undermine their hypothesis.

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