Uffe Ravnskov

My life and my work

I was born 1934 in Copenhagen, Denmark. After having achieved my MD at the University of Copenhagen in 1961 I received my clinical education in various hospitals in Denmark and Sweden. From 1968 to 1979 I was appointed at the Department of Nephrology and the Department of Clinical Chemistry at the University Hospital of Lund, in about five years as an associate professor. From 1980 I worked as a private practitioner in internal medicine till my retirement in October 2000. From that year I have worked full-time as an independent researcher.

My research in nephrology

My first original observation, the association between heart aneurysm and the post-myocardial-infarction syndrome, was made during my service at the Department of Medicine in Sandviken between 1964 and 1967.1-3,35 

In my Ph.D. thesis, On Renal Handling of Serum Proteins from 197313 I introduced the albumin/creatinine clearance ratio, a more accurate way to measure proteinuria and I was the first to describe the peritubular uptake of low-molecular-weight proteins.7,21,24 My findings that most patients with glomerulonephritis excrete large amounts of tubular proteins6 and tubulospecific enzymes39 supported my more recent theory that glomerulonephritis primarily is a tubulointerstitial disease (see below). In experimental studies I demonstrated that the renal handling of proteins differs in man and other mammals19,28 implying that knowledge from animal studies cannot be applied to man.

I was the first in Sweden to acknowledge the lack of association between urinary tract infection and chronic pyelonephritis20 and I also introduced the principle of ultra-short treatment of urinary tract infections in Sweden51-53,55 although with little immediate success. In a study of urinary tract infection in women I found that the major cause of dysuria was soap, not bacteria.43-46 

My major research interest concerns the association between hydrocarbon exposure and glomerulonephritis initiated by the 1975 Lancet report by Stephen Zimmerman and his coworkers, who found that the large majority of their patients with glomerulonephritis on dialysis treatment had been heavily exposed to industrial solvents in the past.

My first original observation in this area was a study of 15 patients with poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis, ten of whom had been exposed to hydrocarbon solvents before or during the period between the streptococcal infection and the acute onset of the glomerulonephritis.31,32 I was also the first to demonstrate that a discontinuation of hydrocarbon exposure may improve the course of glomerulonephritis,49 a finding that has been confirmed by follow-up studies of British researchers.

In a recent meta-analysis I demonstrated that the discordant results from previous case-control studies can be explained by a selection bias: heavy exposure is mainly seen in patients with chronic or end-stage renal failure implying that the most important effect of the exposure is a worsening of renal function, and that progressive renal failure may be prevented by discontinuation of the exposure.113 These observations together inspired me to develop a new theory behind the genesis of glomerulonephritis, the toxic-allergic hypothesis.48,56,59,60,73,106,112,114,116,160 

My research on cholesterol and the diet-heart idea

After the introduction of the cholesterol campaign in Sweden in 1989 I started to study the alleged associations between dietary fat, high cholesterol and cardiovascular disease. Very soon I realised that the scientific evidence behind the campaign was non-existing and since then I have published more than 80 papers and letters critical to the cholesterol hypothesis and the diet-heart idea.

In one of my most important contributions, a meta-analysis of the cholesterol-lowering trials published in BMJ in 199271 I demonstrated that coronary mortality was not lowered by cholesterol lowering, but total mortality was increased. In the same paper I also showed that trials with an allegedly positive outcome was cited almost only by the trial directors, although the numbers of trials with an allegedly positive and a negative outcome were identical. In other papers I have documented in more detail, that the successful dissemination of the diet-heart idea is due to authors systematically ignoring or misquoting discordant studies.98,133,138  

I was also the first to suggest that the positive effect of the statins may be due to other effects than cholesterol-lowering,99,100 a view that has gained widespread acceptance. In a little-recognised paper I pointed to the crucial lack of association between the cholesterol concentration in the blood and the degree of atherosclerosis in the arteries.64 a fact that I have documented in more detail more recently.140

In 1991 I summarised my criticism in a book, Kolesterolmyten, which was first published in Sweden67 and the following year in Finland,68 where it was literally put on fire in a television program. In 2000 an updated and expanded version, The Cholesterol Myths, appeared in the United States,120 and in 2002 also in Germany.134

In 2003 I published a review of the many studies that have shown LDL to be protective against infections, and put forward the hypothesis that high cholesterol, rather than promoting atherosclerosis, in fact may protect against it.145


A complete list of my scientific publications

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Updated November 30., 2008