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Cuttings from, and Barnes & Nobles reviews of The Cholesterol MythsRavnskovpeels away the layers of misconceptions in this highly absorbing book.Highly recommended, especially if you know someone who is ‘watching theircholesterol’ for no good medical reason. Areader from Oxfordshire

I am a physician and felt this book wasvery educational…. I think Ravnskov proves his point well. So well that Ihave taken my husband off his statin even with a cholesterol of 320. This isa must read for anyone whose doctor is trying to put them on a statin.D.A.Pacheco

I’ve studied science and the scientific method for many years, andI get a nice, fuzzy feeling inside when reading a book of such quality asthis. Anyone interested in human nutrition and diet, low-carb life stylesand the intricacies of science and vested interests in a market economy mustread this science thriller. Jesper Vad

I’ve seen Dr. Ravnskov give talks to threelarge U.S. medical audiences and you could feel the collective relief thathere we have a widely published fellow doctor who has analyzed the scienceand found cholesterol not to be a cardiovascular boogie man – which, in theirhearts they knew but may have doubted. Eddie Vos

Uffe Ravnskov definitely seems to be one of those rare people whocan see past the hype and the pressure from his peers to accept theconsensus. David Hoddell

This book should be read by everyone,especially doctors and especially those who specialize in cardiology…..TheCholesterol Myths is simply a must-read.
P.S. I did confront my cardiologist, and he declined comment. I have a newone now….Andrew Fischer

This is a very well written and researched book. The beauty of itis that Ravnskov uses the medical researchers own studies and data to refutetheir own findings. In other words, he did not fabricate this story. Themedical researchers fabricated it for him. Gaetan Lion

What makes this book compelling isRavnskov’s careful avoidance of accusations and ad-hominem attacks, and hisheavy reliance on facts. Gerald M.Vrooman

Breathtaking page afterpage of detailed evidence piled upon evidence, analyzed with clearscientific logic and honesty. I moved the Lipitor from the kitchen drawer tothe garbage can. JD

I read the book, I am re-reading the book,and will do so again. It is full of hard facts – but it reads like asuspense story. Dr. Ravnskov’s method of analyzing a topic is so elegantlycomprehensive and instructive – it makes the book a worthwhile read even ifone disagrees with the author (which I do not). Ari Meisel

I have read many books on cholesterol fromthe very good to the very bad. But Ravnskov’s book on cholesterol is themost credible publication available on this subject and a `must read’ foranyone worried about cholesterol. …this book is in a differentleague from all others. Frank Cooper

I have to give it 5 stars because it issuch an important book. D. DeMers

What emergesis a medical ‘science’ that lacks any credibility and a healthy skepticismabout medical advice. …Ravnskov is no crank or outsider, and hisdesire to explain the details and complications of epidemiological studieswithout oversimplification is refreshing, honest, and winning. R. Apte

This book should be mandatory reading forall cholesterol researchers and medical practitioners. However, thanks tothe influence of the ‘Cholesterol Cartel’, most of these individuals willcontinue to remain blissfully unaware of the true facts surrounding thelipid hypothesis. Individuals wanting to learn the real facts will thereforehave to educate themselves, and Ravnskov’s book is an excellent place tostart. t-rone

If you are concerned about staying healthy and living longer — andare willing to cope with information which goes against orthodox dogma — Ibeg you to read this book. D.R. Schryer

Usually when someone writes a book likethis criticizing the medical establishment, the establishment attacks backwith vengeance. I have seen that in many reviews of similar books But surprisingly not this one! …. Where are you the mainstream doctors? We want to hear youropinions about this book too. A. Kabir

If anyone is greedy, it’s this jerk whowrote a book just to make a quick buck and a quick name for himself. Gadgester

I am an independent medical researcher

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