Rosenman Review of Uffe Ravnskov: “The Cholesterol Myths”

Review of Uffe Ravnskov: “The Cholesterol Myths”

by Ray H. Rosenman, MD
Former Director of Cardiovascular Research in theHealth Sciences program at SRI International; former Associate Chiefof Medicine, Mt Zion Hospital, San Francisco, Ca


There is a widespreadbelief that fat in the diet raises blood cholesterol and is the causeof heart attacks. Knowledgeable scientists know the many fallacies inthese simple beliefs, and particularly in blaming the diet.Unfortunately, too many persons have inappropriately changed theirdiet in the belief that it would prevent a heart attack. The mediaconfuse with changing stories about margarines, oats, salt, fish, etc.It´s complicated, but Dr. Ravnskov´s book gathers a vast body ofimpressive evidence that will greatly surprise you with the true factsfrom research studies. The book is a must reading for all persons whoare interested in the subject, and should indeed be required readingfor nutritionists and most physicians




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