January 2018 -About the criminal methods used by supporters of the cholesterol campaign

You have probably heard about Karl Popper, one of the greatest philosophers of science, and his definition of a medical hypothesis: “A theory can never be proven, but it can be falsified.” If a hypothesis says that all swans are white, you have falsified it when you discover a black one

As regards the cholesterol hypothesis there is an abundance of black swans, but if you point to them, the usual response from the supporters is: You are obviously colour-blind.

They are not colour-blind themselves. They must have seen the black swans, because they use many methods to hide them. If you have read my recent newsletters you will know that Big Pharma and the cholesterol “authorities” eagerly try to hide the black swans.

If you know somebody who still believe that saturated fat and high cholesterol are the bad guys and that the drug producers are honest, please ask them to read the cardiologist Aseem Malhotra´s article in the Guardian

And there is more. A few days ago the Australian medical journalist Dr. Maryanne Demasi published a revealing and detailed five-pages long article in British Medical Sports Journal about the many ways by which the drug industry and their well-paid researchers have misled the world. As you will see at the end of her paper, it has been reviewed before its publication by Rita Redberg, editor in chief of JAMA Internal Medicine and by Fiona Godlee, editor in chief of British Medical Journal.

In Dr. Demasi´s paper you can read that eight of the nine authors of the US National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP), those who revised the definition of ‘high cholesterol’ by dramatically lowering the threshold, were paid by the drug industry;

…..that the same was the case with the boards of the American College of Cardiologists (ACC) and the American Heart Association (AHA), who updated their guidelines to include even more millions of healthy people for statin treatment;

…..that the same was the case with 8 of the 12 panel members of the UK’s National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

…..and that the same is the case with most scientists in the cholesterol world

Dr. Demasi has also described the many ways by which the industry-paid authors of the statin trials have underplayed the harms of statin treatment and there are many more revealing facts. Those of you who have read all of my newsletters may already know most of them, but here the scandalous facts about the cholesterol campaign have been made available for everyone. Hopefully Dr. Malhotras and Dr, Demasis reports may be able to stop the use of statins, one of the most harmful and least beneficial drugs used today.

If it isn´t enough; I mean if you know somebody who think that their arguments aren´t sufficiently scientific, please ask them to listen to professor David Diamonds lecture. In about an hour he presents all of the black swans in an easily understandable way.

And  if they think that the independent researchers who have told their readers about the many serious side effects from statin treatment are exaggerating, please ask them to listen to the president of International Society for Vascular Surgery, professor Sherif Sultan´s opening keynote at The 2nd Annual Lifestyle and Functional Medicine Conference held a few months ago in Galway.

If the papers and talks I have told about in this newsletter could be spread all over the world, millions of people may get a happy new year.

Uffe Ravnskov