Statin Censorship is Coming

 Obviously, our recent papers about the “bad” cholesterol and about the many fraudulent arguments used by the statin supporters have irritated our opponents, because somebody has started a deletion of the cholesterol skeptics from Wikipedia. They have succeeded to remove Malcolm Kendrick and just now they are trying to remove me. Just click on the links. Read also the comments on Malcolm´s homepage.

Recently the American College of Cardiology and the American Heart Association have published new guidelines on the management of blood cholesterol. The guideline report has 120 pages and 24 authors, who repeat and repeat and repeat the many lies, which have been presented for almost half a century. The report looks impressive, but I think that very few have the patience to read more than their conclusion. 

But aren´t they paid by the drug industry, you may ask.

No, no! None of the 24 authors have any conflicts of interest.

But on page 73 you can read how the authors define the term Conflicts of interest:

A person is deemed to have a significant interest in a business if the interest represents ownership of ≥5% of the voting stock or share of the business entity, or ownership of ≥$5,000 of the fair market value of the business entity; or if funds received by the person from the business entity exceed 5% of the person’s gross income for the previous year”

Beneath the table entitled  “Author Relationships With Industry and Other Entities” You can also read the following: “The table does not necessarily reflect relationships with industry at the time of publication

Uffe Ravnskov

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