About the desperate statin supporters

As you know from my June Newsletter we have recently published a paper in BMJ Open where we documented that people about the age of 60 with the highest levels of the “bad” LDL-cholesterol live the longest. In my October Newsletter I also told you that Sir Rory Collins, professor at Oxford University and his many industry-paid co-workers became very upset and published a lengthy paper in Lancet where they presented a long list of “proofs” to demonstrate that statin treatment was the best and safest way to prevent heart disease.

In the recent issue of the medical journal Prescriber three of my co-workers together with Dr. John Abramson (teacher in general medicine at Harvard University; author of Overdosed America) have published a short and revealing response to their many assertments based on solid facts. Luckily it has received much attention in the media; for instance in Daily Mail, The Sun and The Telegraph. Listen also to two interviews with the main author Aseem Malhotra by Sky News on YouTube (First interview second interview).

Hopefully we are experiencing the end of the most scandalous misuse of medical science in modern time. And even if the “authorities” come back with more misleading information, we have more dynamite in readiness.

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