Statin treatment may increase the risk of covid-19 and vitamin C may cure it

On April 4 a letter of mine was published in BMJ as a Rapid Response with the title “Cholesterol-lowering treatment may worsen the outcome of a Covid-19 infection.”

On May 1 a response to my letter was published by Matteo Pirro
On May 4 my response to Matteo Pirro was published
On May 4 a response to my first letter was published by Laura D´Erasmo
On May 6 my response to Laura D´Erasmo was published

To be short: There is much evidence that statin treatment may be a major cause of the serious outcome ot the Covid-19 flu.

1) Cholesterol of the Chinese patients who suffered from Covid-19 was lower than normal
2)  LDL, the bubble that transport cholesterol in the blood, is an important member off our immune system because it adheres to and inactivates almost all microorganisms and their toxic products.
3)  Statin treatment has been subscribed to millions of elderly people all over the world.

There is much evidence that mega-doses of vitamin-C may prevent Covid-19. There is also much evidence that treatment of patients with a life-threatening Covid-19 infection with intravenous injections of mega-doses of vitamin-Cm may save their life. Read my translation of my paper published in the Swedish medical journal Läkartidningen:

Good reasons to test mega-doses of vitamin-C as treatments of covid-19     The Nobel-prize winner Linus Pauling was one of the first scientists who recommended vitamin C treatment of patients with infectious diseases. He was criticised by many because nobody has succeeded by preventing common cold by this way. Probably the reason was that they had used too small doses.     Since then many controlled trials have succeeded by preventing and curing various types of infectious diseases with mega-doses of vitamin-C. The explanation is most likely that vitamin C has an important role in  our immune system and that the level of vitamin C in the blood and the urine is extremely low in many patients with serious infections.     Most interesting are the experiments which include patients who, just as those with life-threatening Covid-19 infections, suffer from serious sepsis and pulmonary infections. In a recent analysis the authors refer to five controlled experiments where mortality of patients with sepsis was lowered significantly by intravenous injection of mega-doses of vitamin C.     In some of the experiments mega-doses of vitamin C have been injected 3-4 times a day during several weeks without producing any serious side effects. Vitamin C has even been able to treat various types of virus infections.     Vitamin C treatment has not yet been tested in covid-19 patients but as it is harmless, there are good reasons to try it in patients with a covid-19 infection.

Several weeks ago I sent my paper to more than 50 Swedish newspapers and magazines, but hitherto none of them have mentioned anything about vitamin C as a possible treatment of covid-19.
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