Pfizer, Merck and their criminals

January 2008

Pfizer fraud

Pfizers new cholesterol-lowering drug Torcetrapib was a failure; instead of lowering the risk of heart disease, it resulted in more heart attacks, although in addition to lowering LDL cholesterol, it also raised the “good” HDL.

Now it appears that Merck´s Vytorin is just as bad. Instead of halting the progress of atherosclerosis the trial directors of ENHANCE noted an increased progress, although cholesterol was lowered more than ever before. Here is a comment in New York Times

But there are more curious facts about that trial. Read for instance a comment in The Guardian

A new article about statin treatment has just been published on the web by our member Sandy Szwarc.

Critical comments have also been aired by Gary Taubes and Tara Parker-Pope, both of them in New YorkTimes.

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