Egg yolk, bad science and scientific fraud

August 2012

Is egg yolk dangerous to health?

On August 1 the medical journal Atherosclerosis published a paper by three Canadian researchers claiming that eating egg yolks was just as dangerous to health as cigarette smoking. Unfortunately, many newspapers have reported the message from this study uncritically. (Read what the investigative reporter Jon Rappoport, once nominated for a Pulitzer Price, has to say about uncritical journalism).

But there are exceptions. In The Atlantic Kristin Wartman has given a more balanced view.

The authors’ warnings against egg yolk is of course pure nonsense. Egg yolk contains everything needed to create a living warmblooded creature, and no previous study has ever been able to show any health problems associated with the intake of eggs. Their “scientific” argument for avoiding egg yolk is also flawed. You can read more about that study on Zoê Harcombe`s homepage. Zoê is a member of THINCS and the author of several books about diet and obesity.

Statin Nation – a new film

On September 10 Justin Smith releases his new film Statin Nation, where he has interviewed a number of experts about the fraudulent way the cholesterol campaign has been concerted. Among the interviewees are five members of THINCS including myself.

If you still think that health care and medical science are honest and respectable enterprises, then read the recent newsletter from The American Institute of Stress written by its president professor Paul Rosch, also a member of THINCS. Go to page 11 (“Physician and Medical Facility Fraud”).

A calorie is a calorie

…or is it? Here is a humorous youtube about the low-carb/high-fat diet, the diet that is able to cure type 2 diabetes and the metabolic syndrome in a few months.

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