Light ahead in the tunnel?

February 2013

Many interesting things are happening just now, so therefore I send you yet another February newsletter. Let me start with the French professor Philippe Even, whose book “La Vérité sur le cholestérol” (Editions du Cherche-Midi) is going to be published today. In this week´s issue of Le Nouvel Observateur their journalist Anne Crignon has written two articles based on interviews with Even and myself. Eight pages of the magazine are devoted to cholesterol, and her articles have made a tremendous impact in France. Use this link, and you will find several hundred links to various newspapers, magazines and blogs that have cited or commented this issue. If you are not familiar with the French Language, you can translate the text using Google Translate.

Another interesting book is The Great Cholesterol Myth: Why Lowering Your Cholesterol Won’t Prevent Heart Disease-and the Statin-Free Plan That Will by Jonny Bowden and Stephen Sinatra. Their book inspired Dr Oz to interview the authors in a program, which he called “the most important show I have ever done on cholesterol”. (However, his demonstration of how atherosclerosis is created using balloons filled with a yellow fluid is nonsense). Here is part 1 and here is part 2.

In my August 2012 newsletter I told you about Justin Smith´s film Statin Nation, a film that should be able to stop the cholesterol campaign immediately if it could be shown on the major television channels. If you haven´t seen it already, take a look at a few excerpts available on Youtube:

Here is an excerpt about the so-called good and bad cholesterol. Here is an excerpt about the lowcarb-highfat diet,

Here is an excerpt about statins and cancer

And here is a short presentation of Justin Smith himself

But please see the whole film – You can rent it here.

There are other critics out there. Here is a short review about the many serious side effects of statin treatment. Probably you may react, when Raymond Francis tells you that statins do not prevent heart attacks, but just continue, and you will know what he means.

A ketogenic diet is an extreme variant of the lowcarb-highfat diet. It has been used for many decades to treat children with epilepsy and with great success, but have you heard that it even may cure cancer? We are still waiting for a correctly performed scientific trial, but there are already many case stories about the success of that diet published in medical journals. Here is a television program from CBN about this issue

Dominique D´Agostino, one of our members, has recently started such a trial

I am an independent medical researcher