The truth is approaching

March 2014

Last year I saw that a Danish professor of human nutrition together with 17 international experts had published a paper where they recommended us to exchange saturated fat with polyunsaturated fat without specifying which type. As you probably know polyunsaturated fat in our food today is totally dominated by the type named omega-6, and as an excess of omega-6 is associated with many serious diseases. I considered this advice disastrous and I therefore asked five of my colleagues to cooperate with me in a comment to their paper. Our paper is now in press in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. You can read it here. (Click on “Download” in the upper right corner).

The journal offers all authors to present a summary of their paper on a five-minutes video on Youtube. Here is mine

And there are more researchers who have reacted. Read for instance this article in Switzerland´s largest newspaper published a few weeks ago. You can read it either in German or in a Google-translated English version

In my previous newsletter I told you about my comment to the paper by Shah Ebrahim and his coworkers in BMJ where they recommended statin treatment also to healthy people. Shah Ebrahim and Fiona Taylor have now responded. They consider it “perverse” that I have ignored the benefit in terms of major vascular events. You can read their response to my comment and to those of the many other critical readers, and also my response to theirs here. (Scroll down a little to read Ebrahim and Taylor´s).

It is well-known that most cholesterol experts are paid generously by the drug industry, although it is rarely mentioned in the newspapers or elsewhere. But there are exceptions. Here come two revealing articles from Sundat Express. One of them was published on March 2, the other one on March 9.

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