How to cover up and how to reveal

October 2014

In my previous newsletters I have told you much about that issue. You have probably noticed that all my links to Maryanne Demasi´s television program Heat of the Matter on Australia have been inactivated, but new links from courageous people have been published. Here is part 1 and here is part 2

Alan Cassels, who is a pharmaceutical policy researcher at the University of Victoria, has published a summary of the recent attempts to cover up the truth about cholesterol entitled Censorship in Lipid Land. Alan Cassels is also author of three books, each of which contain chapters on cholesterol-lowering. Just go to

And more has to come. Justin Smith who produced the revealing video Statin Nation has made a new one, Statin Nation II the premiere of which will be in January 2015. Don´t miss it!

Happy news – Scepticism against statin treatment is spreading worldwide. Read for instance the recent issue of Medscape Internal Medicine. Here you can also find links to three other critical papers.

Two of our members, Alice and Fred Ottoboni have recently published a new book entitled “The Modern Nutritional Diseases: Heart Disease, Stroke, Type-2 Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer and How to Prevent Them” You can read a review of their book by Jay Lehr, Science director at the Heartland Institute

Recently I offered my first book in English, “The Cholesterol Myths” for free. Unfortunately there were some errors in the web version, but I have corrected them now and it is available from Two friends of mine have even converted it to e-books and they can be achieved either from Smashwords or from DropBox.

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