The End of the Greatest Medical Scandal?

November 2015

Recently medical journalist Nina Teicholz, author of The Big Fat Surprise, published a paper in British Medical Journal criticizing the expert report behind the new set of US Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Read also the many responses to her paper

The guidelines have been criticized by scientists as well. Read for instance the detailed review by Edward Archer and his coworkers from the University of Alabama. I am of course not surprised myself because I tried to explain this gigantic mistake 17 years ago in an 18-pages long review in Journal of Clinical Epidemiology. Truths take time.

You have probably heard about the recent WHO report, where 22 other experts concluded that red meat is carcinogenic. Yet another example how so called ”experts” misinterpret science. You can read more about their nonsense on our member Zoe Harcombe´s blog.

There is also an increasing understanding about the minuscule benefits and the many risks associated with statin treatment. More and more of the major newspapers open their pages for critical articles. For those who understand the French language, an interesting article with criticism of the cholesterol campaign was published recently in La Nouvelle Observateur. Another courageous newspaper is The Guardian. Read for instance the British cardiologist Aseem Malhotras recent article.

I have previously told you about Justin Smith´s brilliant video Statin Nation. Recently he has allowed Dr Mercola to air his new version of part 2 together with part 3. They are freely available until November 27 . In Part 3 ”What Really Causes Heart Disease” I have tried to explain the hypothesis which I published six years ago together with Kilmer McCully the discoverer of the association between homocysteine and atherosclerosis.

Many diabetics have asked me where to find a doctor who gives advice about the LCHF diet. Here is a list of more than 400 such doctors in the US and a few in other parts of the world. If you are a doctor yourself, who practice this diet, please send your data to Jimmy Moore: and he will add you to his list.



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