Cholesterol is Our Best Friend

You may probably have read or heard about the article published in the Guardian on October 31 by Sarah Boseley entitled Butter nonsense: the rise of the cholesterol deniersShe mailed me a few days before its publication because she would like to know why I criticised the cholesterol campaign. I gave her my major arguments and sent her several critical papers.

But in her article in the Guardian she cites several of the “authorities” instead, for instance Rory Collins and Richard Peto, who repeated the usual warnings against saturated fat and high cholesterol. According to the authorities those who disagree “publish their view in obscure or unlikely journals”; it is a kind of “flat-earthism… in the same realm as claiming that smoking does not cause cancer. “ Our arguments “are factually false….there is an argument for refusing to give cholesterol-deniers a platform, just as some will.”  The sceptical scientists “are a bit like religious fundamentalists”.

In the end Sarah Boseley tells the readers about the good news. For a long time the Guardian has been in “a perilous financial situation”, but now they have overcome the problem thanks to “contributions, membership or subscriptions”.

Not a word about those who have paid the contributions. We can only guess.

In my previous newsletter I told you about our recent paper published in Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology where we have documented that the “proofs” from the authorities are based on fraudulent science. Recently we have written a short popular-scientific version of that paper with links to the papers we cite.

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